Regal Beagle Tees were born as a way to memorialize the best beagle to ever live, Hank. Hank was my best friend, pal, and all around shadow. We did everything together for 13 years. I worked from home so we were together 16 hours a day every day. We got to know each other in ways most people don’t know anyone else or animal on the planet.

I designed the first shirt with one of my favorite photos of Hank and people went nuts. They didn’t even have a beagle but wanted one with their best friend on a tee shirt. I knew I had something special and one-of-a-kind. It made me think of and remember how special Hank was to me and especially how special he was to everyone he met. We lived in a small island community where Hank was a celebrity and everyone knew him. He was a true beagle ambassador so I knew I had to keep him in the limelight.

You can now order a great quality tee shirt that is custom printed with your best friend as part of the design. You will also be helping shelter dogs in the Florida Keys because each shirt purchased generates a $3 donation to an open admission shelter in the Keys. So what are you waiting for get that money and do it now! our team is always ready to work with you.